Free info leaflet to take to your doctor!

Free INFO leaflet to download, print out and have handy in your
flight luggage to take to your doctor after a fume/ smell/ odour event! 


Other recommended Laboratory Testing

At the Laboratory after exposure to toxic cabin air:

Body fluid tests that should be done straight after, or within 48 hours of exposure to toxic aircraft air. Click and read more...


Dr. Michel Mulder


Pro Health Laboratory - Weert (NL)

Pro Health Laboratory is a fully independent organization, working together with similar labs in Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, and the US. The aircraft cabin air tests offered on this site are intended to provide insight into whether a person was exposed to particular neurotoxic constituents of engine oil smoke/fumes on an aircraft (commercial or military). Options include an air sampler card and air pump/filter equipment, as well as a post-incident garment analysis. The blood tests offered on this site may provide insight into whether a person is especially susceptible to the effects of certain neurotoxic constituents of the engine oil fumes (DNA PON1 test), and whether there is objective evidence of damage to the central nervous system (glial autoantibody test).


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